The 2023 Hot Spring Highlife salt water tubs have arrived!

11 April 2023


April 11th, 2023 – Hot Spring spent the last couple of years working on a total redesign of their premiere Highlife Collection. I was privileged enough to be one of the very few Hot Spring dealers worldwide to be invited to participate in offering ideas and feedback on the new tubs. 

As you can imagine, this was not exactly the simplest or most ideal time to embark on a redesign. Between the challenges with Covid, supply chain issues, and more, this wasn’t exactly the easiest project. But, after all the hurdles were surpassed, I can say with certainty it was worth it!

Hot Spring has always been known for producing beautiful tubs. For this redesign, many factors were considered, chief among them making sure the hydromassage benefits were taken to a new level. After all, at the end of the day, you want a hot tub that will give you the relief you need from life, address any aches and pains you might have, and help with recovery and recharging. To that end, it became obvious that one of Hot Spring’s main claims to fame needed to be capitalized on in the new collection—the Moto-Massage. This patented duo of jets is designed to sweep up and down your back on either side of the spine, creating a unique sensation not found in any other hot tub. This terrific jet system has the opportunity to really increase circulation and relieve tension like nothing else. Hot Spring’s 2023 models all feature at least one Moto-Massage seat. And the four largest tubs in the lineup now feature TWO seats with this incredible jetting. Can you say, “Aaaaahhhh…”?

The rest of the jets in the tub are equally therapeutic, designed to target every single area of the body to bring relief and welcome massage. Calf jets have been added to many of the seats, including the lounges. New thigh jets have been added to lounge seats, and many spots now feature rotary mini jets to help release tension and massage our wrists, which today get more work than they ever have. Hip jets, one of the things I was adamant be included, now also adorn many of the corner seats in each model.

The interior of each model was reimagined, providing more room in the tub, as well as wider lounges to fit every body type.

The other truly vital aspect of a Hot Spring Spa is water. Good, clean, healthy water that uses fewer bottled water care products and is easier to maintain. Every tub can be operated with the outstanding FreshWater Salt System. Certainly the most eco-friendly water care system available today, it allows you to enjoy healthy saltwater soaking every day. I love immersing myself in my tub each time, knowing that it’s water that’s softer and easier on my skin. The system also has a recyclable cartridge that only needs replacing every four months. And, because you’re using fewer bottled water care products, with proper attention water can last upwards of a year before needing changed! That saves thousands of gallons of water over time. Better for you, and better for the environment.

The new interior shell and cabinet colors are beautiful. Accent lighting is thoughtfully designed in, and music can be enjoyed when the Bluetooth Music System is added. 

I could go on, but the smart thing to do is visit one of our showrooms to take a firsthand look! If you’ve thought about investing in a hot tub to improve your health and well-being, you can’t go wrong with a new Highlife Collection tub from Hot Spring! 


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